Grass stops HIV

Grass stops HIVThai experts managed to achieve success in the fight against HIV infection by means of traditional medicine. According to Director General of the Department of medical Sciences of the Kingdom of Somsanga Rugpao grass "pancake" in laboratory studies has proven its ability to stop the spread of the HIV virus. Extract from it, prepared by the specialists of the research Institute of the herbs in this Department, also contributes to the generation of antibodies, the Director General added. Experiments conducted on animals and human volunteers revealed no contraindications to the use, emphasized Samsung Rugpao. RIA "Novosti"". . Читать полностью -->

The most common childhood disease how to recognize them?

The most common childhood disease how to recognize them?The most common childhood disease: how to recognize them? The most common childhood disease: how to recognize them? Childhood illness is usually referred to as infections acquired in childhood, and then in the body of the child is produced, the majority of cases, the immune system, which allows in the future won't get these diseases throughout life. Mumps (Epidemic parotitis) The incubation period is about 20 days. As a rule, first start swelling of the salivary glands under the ears, not necessarily on both sides. The child becomes hard to swallow, he begins to complain of pain in the ear and cheek, neck, pain in the abdomen, and sometimes a headache. This disease is contagious during the incubation period, which lasts for weeks after the onset of swelling. Transmitted infection through physical contact, coughing and saliva. Читать полностью -->

Russia is not afraid of "mad cow disease""

Russia is not afraid of The introduction of a special ban on beef imports to Russia from Italy at the outbreak of "mad cow disease" is not required, reported in the veterinary Department of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. This decision is the fact that already 2.5 years this country has a veterinary certificate and a list of the companies-importers in Russia, explained in the Department. "In Italy for the quality of the shipped products to the Russian Federation and compliance certificate following the Russian specialists. Thus, the ban on the export of infected meat in Russia is automatically activated", - stressed in the Ministry of agriculture of Russia. Recall that the Ministry of health of Italy said on the eve of a new case of disease, "mad cow disease" in the country. Scientists believe that eating meat is infected with a virus spongiform encephalopathies of animals can cause a person incurable disease Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, which affects the brain. Читать полностью -->

Acute inflammation of the maxillary sinus

Acute inflammation of the maxillary sinusWhat are the main causes of inflammation of the maxillary sinus? Often occurs during the influenza, acute rhinitis, measles, pneumonia and other infectious diseases. Often, the disease is a result of the spread of inflammation from the region of the roots of the teeth, trauma to the walls of the sinuses, such as during removal of the respective teeth. What are the main symptoms? Local subjective symptoms are pain and tension in the region of the sinus, nasal congestion, abnormal nasal discharge, diminished acuity of smell, photophobia, and lacrimation. Depending on the severity of the inflammatory process is disturbed General condition of the patient (marked malaise, chills, decreased appetite, poor sleep). Objective symptoms are fever, severe cases up to 38.5 'C and above; hard place flu, inflammation of the sinus of dental origin are often swollen cheeks, aching with the feeling, swelling of the lower and sometimes upper eyelid. For further diagnosis produce transillumination of the sinuses (diaganol-Pius) using diaphanoscopy, x-rays; in case of doubt, do a diagnostic puncture of the sinus. Читать полностью -->

Clarify the mechanism of transformation of prions in the case of "mad cow disease""

Clarify the mechanism of transformation of prions in the case of Scientists at step moved in the direction of the fight against "mad cow disease and its human variant of the disease Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. For a long time, scientists could not understand how mutation and replication of pathogenic prion proteins. Unlike viruses, they do not contain DNA and RNA acids, which contain the genetic instructions for protein formation. However, as revealed in a study undertaken in Dartmoor medical school in new Hampshire (Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire) found that RNA still bound to the transformation of proteins in pathogenic form. However, scientists still have not found out what kind of RNA is a catalyst mutations. If this can be done, then after a short time you can expect a vaccine that will stop the disease before the brain will receive serious damage. Читать полностью -->

British doctors want to check for chlamydia all

British doctors want to check for chlamydia allBritish doctors called "shameful" delaying the introduction of screening of the population for chlamydial infection. At the conference of the British medical Association, the government is urged to treat the issue of implementation of this program as to the question of paramount importance. As noted at the conference, chlamydia is the most common in the United Kingdom, a sexually transmitted infection. In 2001 in hospitals throughout the country were diagnosed with 70,000 cases of infection is 10% growth compared with the previous year. Often leaking unnoticed, chlamydia can cause infertility in women. Dr. Читать полностью -->

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