Rabies in animals

Rabies in animalsRabies in animals Rabies is an acute viral disease common in wild animals - wolves, foxes, jackals, and foxes and rats. Of Pets, they can get sick dogs, cats, cows, horses, sheep, pigs. More than 80% of cases of rabies comes from the dogs. Rabies is transmitted to humans by the bite or saliva on the broken bone integuments and mucous membranes. The causative agent of rabies virus that has penetrated into the animal or human body, affects the Central nervous system and salivary glands and adrenal glands. The disease begins after 3-6 weeks after infection. Dogs in the beginning of the disease concerned become annoying, whine, do not respond to the call of the master, lose their appetite, try to run away from the yard. Then they become aggressive, attacking humans and animals that bite. The jaws of the dog opened it abundantly flowing foamy saliva. Later comes the paralysis and the animal dies. The total duration of the disease rabies lasts 14 days. However, the dog can infect humans through the saliva and in the period when the disease has not yet appeared. Therefore, the change in behavior of the dog should always alert the owner. Once infected, a person may become ill during the period from 15 to 90 days (rarely later). Usually a person gets sick after 40 days. The disease begins with pain at the bite location and along the nerve trunks. The patient loses appetite, the temperature rises to 37-37,8 В°C, then the feeling of fear, painful thirst. At the same time the view of the water or the sound of falling from the roof drops causes cramping and a feeling of horror. Severe convulsions in a patient calls and air movement, light. Breathing becomes shallow. But the victim is still conscious. Later the temperature rises to 40 В°C, comes delirium, paralysis of the legs and arms, loss of consciousness and death. The disease lasts from 3 to 6 days. Although rabies is known for several millennia, the method of treatment it is still not found. However, there are reliable means of preventing diseases - vaccinations against rabies, which can be done in any medical institution. They are mandatory for all persons bitten or otklonennyj obviously rabid animals, and suspected rabies. Suspected rabies in animals are: stray dogs, cats, and other animals; dogs and cats, bitten by animals, especially wild; bitten by animals within 14 days after pokusa; dead or lost Pets. Vaccinations are and those that were grazed animals or contact with objects, stained with their blood or saliva. It is especially dangerous if the saliva fell on the mucous membrane of the eyes, nose or sores, abrasions and other skin damage. Vaccinations should begin immediately and conduct the entire course with the established intervals. First aid: wash wounds 2% solution of soda, a solution of potassium permanganate (0.1 per cent) or 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, lubricate the edge of their tincture of iodine, to impose aseptic (disinfected) bandage. When providing care to avoid contact with otkupnymi the edges of the wound or service, especially when there is no confidence in the integrity of the skin of their hands. Source:.

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