Ten questions about diet

Ten questions about dietTen questions about diet 1. How much should weigh the woman's? There are several methods to calculate your ideal weight. The first, now, according to doctors and women, outdated, was proposed a century ago by the French physician Paul Brock. The formula is simple - from the growth in centimeters minus 100 and it turns out right this growth weight in kilograms. However, this form does not account for individual differences in body structure (long legs, big bones, athletic build). It was later proposed a BMI (Booby-Mass-Index). It is determined by the following formula: weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in meters) squared. Therefore, with growth of 1.7 and the weight of 70 kg and a BMI equal to 24.2. Ideal for men and 20-25 for women 19-24. 2. Why do we make you fat? For two reasons. In most cases, excess weight occurs as a result of energy imbalance, that is, when energy intake exceeds its consumption (eat a lot - a little move). As a result, the excess accumulates in the body as adipose tissue. The second important reason is our family. This and heredity, and family traditions. Typically, the maximum genetic dependence is observed between the weight of a mother and daughter. To a lesser extent between the weight of the mother and the son and the minimum dependence between the weight of the father and his children. But more important than heredity vaccinated child diet and nutrition. If the birth of the child will be stuff from morning till evening cakes-salads-sandwiches, growing up, he would continue to eat all kinds of food five to six times a day. 3. Lose if we are unwanted pounds in the same sequence as we accumulate them? Unfortunately, the opposite happens. Alan Bolton, known in Australia specialist Wellness sports, argues that excess weight accumulates on the hips and pelvic area in the first place, and "leaves" in the past. Doctors are convinced that full thighs and buttocks play a protective, insulating role during pregnancy, so the hormone estrogen concentrates the fat in this area. And, consequently, to get rid of fat in the lower body more difficult. In addition, our body spontaneously engaged in accumulation of fat to protect the child, the conception which You have not thought, he still helps and Mother nature. The latter gave women almost twice as large amount of body fat than men to manage and lose weight easier. The abundance of fat, according to the idea of Nature, should help the woman give birth and bring up child. 4. Why diets "gurneet chest?".

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