do I Need to treat AIDS?

do I Need to treat AIDS?European doctors are concerned about the increasing resistance of the causative agent of AIDS in relation to existing antiviral drugs. As we learned from the report of the Dutch researcher David van de Waver at the international conference on AIDS in Paris, resistance occurs at least 10 percent of newly identified HIV-infected. The only way out of the situation Waver thinks constantly working to create new drugs. As reported at the conference by another researcher - GeoIP lang (Joep Lange, President of the international society for AIDS - resistance to existing drugs is no excuse not to use them. According to him, it is necessary to maintain the interest of pharmaceutical companies in the development of new tools to "catch up" for mutations of the AIDS virus. Vaccine against AIDS has not yet been established, and many Immunostimulants only contribute to the development of the disease. This is because HIV attacks the cells of the immune system and integrated in their genome. So instead of immunity often activates the process of reproduction of the virus. Reverse transcriptase and protease are enzymes, without which the AIDS virus can not reproduce in the human body. Blockers reverse transcriptase does not allow the enzyme to incorporate their genetic material into human cells, and the protease blockers do not allow to form new viral particles. However, during the treatment of the AIDS virus that constantly mutates, acquires the new enzymes that "spoil" the medicine so that it becomes ineffective (in the case of nucleoside inhibitors of reverse transcriptase). In addition, we can change ourselves the target of the drug, then the drug is simply "do not know" (in the case of other classes of drugs). Many doctors and HIV activists fear that pharmaceutical companies will decide to stop the development of new antiviral drugs for the treatment of AIDS. According to analysts, this may happen if the cost of developing a new drug will not pay off for a time until it is really effective and the virus has not developed resistance. Opponents of the wide use of antiviral medicines in developing countries note that this will increase the immunity of the virus to the drug, and will push the population to engage in risky behavior. Others believe that it is more efficient to invest the prevention of new infections. However, the issue of AIDS treatment with existing drugs remains controversial. On the side of the adherents of treatment - morality and economic calculations. AIDS not only kills workers, he kills future parents," said Professor of Economics of the University of Marseille Jean-Paul Moatti (Jean-Paul Moatti). Opponents continue to insist that the treatment is very expensive and does not reduce the number of new infections. And those and others on the right. But one thing is clear - AIDS can destroy much of humanity, if not stopped. Mednovosti (Reuters).

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