Zapotocny abscess

Zapotocny abscessZAPOTOCNY ABSCESS (retropharyngeal abscess) is formed as a result of suppuration of lymph nodes and tissue zapotockogo space. The infection penetrates through the lymphatic pathways from the nasal cavity, nasopharynx, auditory tube and middle ear. Sometimes the abscess is a complication of influenza, measles, scarlet fever, and can develop after injury to the mucosa of the posterior pharyngeal wall with foreign body, solid food. There is, as a rule, in early childhood in malnourished and weakened children. The symptoms for. Typical complaints on paperchine and sharp pain when swallowing, with food often gets in the nose. The patient refuses food. When the location of the abscess in the nasopharynx nasal breathing is impaired, appears closed nasalized speech. When the spread of the abscess on the lower parts of the pharynx occurs inspiratory dyspnea, accompanied by rattle, especially in the vertical position of the patient. The body temperature reaches 39-40 gr. C. is Characterized by involuntary head position: it thrown back and tilted to the affected side. Often there is swelling behind the angle of the mandible and on the leading edge of grovelychickshakilah muscles. The diagnosis is confirmed by pharyngoscopy, when you discover fluctuosa swelling on the back of the throat. In the first days of the disease the spherical bulging of the posterior pharyngeal wall is on the one hand, and later by the middle line. In doubtful cases produce diagnostic puncture. Complications. Acute swelling of the entrance to the larynx or spontaneous dissection with suffocation due to ingress of pus in the cavity of the larynx; pus may spread to the area of the large vessels of the neck or down predposevnoi fascia into the chest cavity and cause purulent mediastinic or choked trachea. Treatment. Early autopsy zapotockogo abscess with subsequent antibacterial and detoxification..

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