the First victim of "mad cow disease" was recorded in Italy

the First victim of In Italy as a result of infection spongiform encephalitis, known as "mad cow disease", died the first man. As said on Thursday the Minister of health of Italy Gerolamo sirkia, at the moment, "this is the only fatal case from this dangerous disease registered in the country. The health Ministry reported that the victim "mad cow disease" - 27-bummer resident Italian island of Sicily and struggled with the disease for more than a year. She was hospitalized in February 2002 and in recent years took place in the course of treatment in a specialized clinic in Milan. Doctors suggest that the girl was infected with spongiform encephalitis during a trip to France, where at that time in cattle was marked by the outbreak of this disease. First spongiform encephalitis was reported in Italy in 2001. ITAR-TASS.

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