Dislocations of the extremities

Dislocations of the extremitiesDislocations of the extremities occur in cases where one of the bones in trauma breaks joint bag and slipping out of the cavity of a joint. To the General signs of dislocation include violation of the General contour of the joint, the protrusion extended bones in a new place, shortening or lengthening of the limb, increasing pain, impaired movement and a sharp restriction of passive movement (i.e. movement in the joint, committed not by patients, and assistant). Any movement causes severe pain. Help: in any case do not try to set a dislocation. When vivinet one of the joints of the upper limbs, damaged limb hung on the scarf tied at the neck. When the dislocation of joint of the lower limb it is necessary to lay down the victim, to impose the affected leg pillows or rolled with a roller towels to give it a rest, and immediately take him to the trauma center..

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