Novgorod teenagers poisoned hallucinogenic mushrooms

Novgorod teenagers poisoned hallucinogenic mushroomsIn the town of Demyansk Novgorod oblast teenagers were poisoned by mushrooms hallucinogene. According to information from the Demyansk Central district hospital on Thursday with signs of poisoning moderate severity were delivered four teenagers. The boy is 14 years old never had a Demyansk doctors any fears and left it in the Demyansk hospital. Three other teenagers promptly transported in the Novgorod regional clinical hospital. At the moment these children, whose age is 15-16 years old, are in Novgorod under the supervision of a physician, toxicologist. According to the children themselves, the cause of poisoning were the so-called mushroom-halucinogenic. Each of adolescents ate a few dozen of these fungi. RIA "Novosti"".

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