Ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint

Ankylosis of the temporomandibular jointANKYLOSIS of the TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT - the limitation of mobility or immobility of the lower jaw. Etiology. Infectious arthritis, trauma, including birth. The pathogenesis. Bone or fibrous fusion of the articular surfaces, which is associated with damage or loss of articular cartilage. Develops slowly, months, years. Symptoms. Persistent note of the jaws, full or partial, usually unilateral. Deformation of the lower jaw expressed stronger than before formed ankylosis. Shortened branch and body of the mandible on the affected side. Chin shifted, the affected side and to the back. When bilateral ankylosis of microgenia ("bird person"). The angles of the lower jaw protruding. Dental arc strain, impaired articulation. Rich Tartar, lateral teeth inclined. Often retained baby teeth. Eating is difficult. On the x-ray elements of the joint are not differentiated. The bone fibers may go from articular and coronal appendages to the base of the skull. Operative treatment - osteotomy of the branches of the lower jaw. In the postoperative period mechanotherapy. When the osteotomy using joint head of polymer materials. When fibrous ankylosis may forcible opening of the jaws. The forecast. Bony ankylosis lead to permanent deformities and disorders of the function of the jaws; with fibrous ankylosis the prognosis is less favorable. Prevention: rational therapy of arthritis, prevention of birth trauma..

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