Scientists are looking for a safer way of Smoking

Scientists are looking for a safer way of SmokingScientists are looking for a safer way of Smoking Scientists from the University of Minnesota are looking for something that previously seemed impossible - a safer way of Smoking. As explained epidemiologist Harry Lando, he is disturbed by the situation in which the number of smokers cannot fall below a certain limit. So he searches for a way to help those who cannot give up Smoking. This idea raises doubts among experts as substitutes can instill in people the desire to start Smoking and to prevent others quit. But the demand for such research by the public is increasing, primarily because tobacco companies themselves offer alternatives to a variety of lozenges, and patches containing nicotine. It is still unknown whether these products are safer than cigarettes, and decreases if the reduction of tobacco use health risk. Now employees of the University are conducted dozens of studies to answer these and other questions. Psychologist Dorothy Hatsukami trying to figure out whether nicotine patches to reduce Smoking by 75%, and decreases if the content of tobacco toxins in the bodies of smokers. We received mixed results - some subjects the content of toxins decreased, some don't. Separate consideration is subjected to the question of whether nicotine addiction is genetically predetermined. A group of social scientists of this University have found that smokers tend to have lower income and less educated. Unemployed, depressed, schizophrenics, alcoholics and drug addicts are more likely to smoke than people without these problems. Source:KM-news.

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