Doctors first saw the development of Alzheimer's disease

Doctors first saw the development of Alzheimer's diseaseSwedish doctors for the first time managed to capture the image of the human brain at different stages of Alzheimer's disease, reports BBC News. Previously, the brain affected by the disease, could be studied only after the patient's death. In Alzheimer's disease in the brain to accumulate the modified protein beta-amyloid. It causes changes in brain activity, leading to the so-called "senile dementia". Patients and healthy people who participated in the experiment, has introduced a special substance, which was connected with beta-amyloid and made it visible in CT. The difference images obtained during examination of the patient and a healthy person, visible in the illustration. Glow shows those areas in which there is an accumulation of beta-amyloid. Due to the new method, as the researchers note, it is possible to diagnose Alzheimer's at an early stage and to sort out other causes of dementia. However, positron emission tomography, which was used in these studies, it is still too expensive to be used in routine clinical practice..

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