In Moscow marked the outbreak of malaria

In Moscow marked the outbreak of malariaIn Moscow marked the outbreak of malaria Moscow doctors alarmed by the growing number of malaria cases. As RIA "Novosti", as at 1 June malaria injured 56 people in the capital. "Despite the fact that the season of transmission of this disease has not started yet, the situation is very unfavorable," said on Wednesday the chief state sanitary doctor of the Moscow Nikolai Filatov. In his opinion, this situation is mainly related to the increasing flow of migrants from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. He added that because of malaria vectors are mosquitoes, the city hosts annual events aimed at controlling these insects. Survey of ponds and upon detection of mosquitoes, they are being processed. In the 2001 season the larvae of mosquitoes was inhabited by 69 percent water. The treatment area was 1411 hectare. For 2002 it is planned to process several more - 1580 hectares. Source:.

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