Comperemedia has become the most frequent cause of complaints to psychiatrists

Comperemedia has become the most frequent cause of complaints to psychiatristsWe are talking about the kind of violations desire. Varying degrees, depending on your computer suffer many. The problem is that doctors treat only parents, concerned for the children who gave up sports, yard, everything in the world and a day in prison for "infernal machine". We have the example, when the child made his parents instead of learning in school learning on the computer. In less than a year he became totally disabled. It's the little things that the child has gained weight or has red eyes. He had disturbed sleep and motor responses, and most importantly, he has lost touch with the real world, turning into a neurotic. Therefore, when psychiatrists say, "I rest at your computer, they are confident that in front of them a potential customer. The impact of computer overloads on the psyche can be compared with a racing car with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Speed requires more concentration and will, than a normal rhythm. Therefore, the attempt to knock the wedge wedge vycerpanie still Bo exceeding the number of resources from the body. And in the end he will inevitably fail a nervous breakdown, at best. Practice, unfortunately, is that the frustrations and stresses develop in Computerman.

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