Invented a cure obsessive melodies

Invented a cure obsessive melodiesThe vast majority of people around the world often suffer from obsessive melody fragments, which are constantly going round in my head, bringing some to the tantrums and even a nervous breakdown. It turns out that there are effective ways of getting rid of narapatisithu". Research conducted by psychologists from the University of Cincinnati showed that particularly excerpts from popular songs suffer neurotics, as well as audiophiles, and often a lot of people listening to a variety of music - that is, people with sensitive psyche. In addition, it was found that the most Intrusive are excerpts uncomplicated strains from numerous repetitions (mostly pop songs), and most importantly, with any unfinished or unexpected "template": interrupted harmony, the abrupt change of rhythm, unexpected transition from major to minor and Vice versa. It is therefore least likely "nanoparticle" are fragments of classical works or jazz in the first type of music too few simple moves and repetitions, the second - too many ragged rhythm and often too little "natural", easy to remember, and moves. The human brain on a subconscious level "disagrees" with the template, contrary to his notions of harmony, and tries again and again to find the right option, "scrolling" the passage of many tens or hundreds of times. In some cases (too nervous people) it can lead to extreme fatigue and even nervous breakdowns. It was also revealed another interesting pattern - passages which songs become "nanoparticle: the more often they are "fragments of works that people listened to in the beginning or end of a specific and separate action cycle". The chances of "spinning in your head" most of the songs you heard when entering the supermarket, or listened to on the radio just before turn off the ignition and exit the vehicle. By the way, the absolute leader among the several hundred of surveyed Americans became famous song "Who Let The Dogs Out" performed by BahaMen. As popular wisdom says to get rid of the annoying tune, you need to chew a sprig of cinnamon, however, psychologists believe that a much more effective means would be to sing a haunting song from beginning to end loud. (News).

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