Skin cancer

Skin cancerSKIN CANCER is a group designation of several types of cancers originating from the different departments of the epidermis. Basal cell carcinoma is most commonly observed on the face in old age. Occurs dense pearl color bundle or group of small nodules, which form a small, barely rising from the plaque. After some time in the center of the lesion formed by erosion or ulcer with thin scaly crust, the edges of which are close to each other tight knots. Subsequently, these nodules break down and formed a non-healing ulcer with smooth bright red bottom and black edges. Around such ulcers new dense nodules. On the surface of basal cell carcinoma can be a point pigmented blotches (pigment type) or its surface has a yellowish-white color (sclerodermatineae variant). In scrapings from the surface erosions or ulcers detect atypical cells. Treatment: electrocoagulation, the times within healthy tissue, applique omanovoi, or kolhaminova, ointments under the control of Cytology, possible close-focus radiotherapy, cryosurgery, surgical excision. The prognosis is good as basal cell carcinoma develops very slowly, does not give Metastasio and well cured. Work capacity is usually saved. Flat surface (pegatina) basal cell carcinoma of the skin usually occurs on the trunk. There different sizes of plaques with pink, covered with thin scales atrophic center and towering shiny narrow fringe of small, dense pinkish-red or whitish-yellow, prone to the growth of nodules on the edge. The progression of the process is very slow infiltration usually almost not detected. Criteria for the diagnosis of the presence of peripheral roller of knots, no ulceration, soak, very slow benign course, a tendency to partial spontaneous regression of nodules with outcome in atrophy. The electrosurgical treatment, application omanovoi ointment. The prognosis is good. Squamous cell skin cancer occurs mainly on the red border of the lips, especially the lower, on the penis, vulva; the rest of the skin is extremely rare. Formed smooth, sized to pea dense nodules, sometimes with papillary growths on the surface, which izjazvljaet, in this connection, there crateriform, sometimes painful ulcer with heavy bleeding bottom, turned, rising above the surface edges. The swelling rapidly increases, destroying the surrounding and underlying tissues, and spreads. In scrapings from the bottom of the ulcer is easy to detect atypical cells. Treatment. Close-focus radiotherapy in combination with surgical excision and chemotherapy. The prognosis depends on the stage of the disease. Prevention. Struggle with precancerous skin diseases, the prevention of chronic injuries of the skin; people with prematurely aging skin, avoid insolation..

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