Aspirin is not allowed to assign to healthy people

Aspirin is not allowed to assign to healthy peopleManagement food and drug administration (FDA) of the USA will not give aspirin to healthy people. Advisory group, which guide the FDA usually listens, decided that there was no convincing evidence of the benefits of aspirin in people with risk of heart attacks. At the same time, the drug has long been successfully used to prevent repeat heart attacks. Bayer, which has created aspirin for more than 100 years ago, and promoting it recently on the market for the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the Commission presented a report on their own research. According to him, taking low-dose aspirin in people with at least a 10 percent probability of a heart attack in the next 10 years, prevents 14 attacks per 1000 people over a five-year period. However, prolonged use of aspirin and other funds in this group may be serious side effects. So in the same study, per 1000 people taking the drug resulted in two strokes and two-four cases of gastric bleeding. Both dangerous and beneficial effects of aspirin, in fact, is based on one of its effects - the ability to prevent the formation of blood clots. This decision by the Advisory group was adopted by 11 votes to three. Most scientists have found the information on this issue is insufficient. However, according to the Vice-President of the company Erica Peitler (Erica Peitler), they will continue to work with FDA on the expansion of the indications for the administration of aspirin.

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