Drug prices may increase by -%

Drug prices may increase by -%Drug prices may increase by 25-40% The introduction of new regulations for the certification of medicinal products from 1 September may lead to increased retail prices by 25-40% and the collapse of the Russian market of pharmacology, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association 'Pharmas' Boris Spiegel at a press conference in the Central office 'Interfax'. According to him, the new rules of certification, providing one-time certification preparations for crossing the state border, will result in downtime for the parties in the customs warehouse within 60-90 days, which will cause a shortage of working capital importers. B. Spiegel noted that domestic drug manufacturers would suffer from the new rules because of the fact that for the production of a number of drugs needed foreign components. Head of the Department of medical industry, Ministry of industry and science Mikhail Grigoriev, who also participated in the press conference, stressed that the lack of technological capabilities at the national centers for analysis of the imported medicines 'delay in customs warehouses can be more than 60 days and six months'. He stated that the manufacturer of medicinal products 'shall never come to a validation authority counterfeit', as for the production of substandard products provides for criminal and administrative responsibility. 'The problem of fraud must be solved in another way', " he said. In this regard, M. Grigoriev noted that the new certification rules are not aimed at the identification of counterfeit drugs, and 'serve the narrow interests of a few individuals'. According to Boris Spiegel, the new system of certification may not be a tool in the fight against counterfeiting, as an alternative he proposed to introduce a system of trademarks. The participants of the press conference was to agree that the new rules will lead to the growth of administrative barriers, corruption, price rise and additional burden on the budget. At a press conference held on August 1 at the Central office 'Interfax', Deputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation Anton Kotlinski stated that 'further growth of fakes will contain introduced in Russia from September 1 this year, new rules for the certification of medicines'. Input rules, according to the Deputy Minister, will create a competitive environment and equal conditions for domestic and foreign manufacturers of drugs. Kotlinski noted that the existing control system creates Western manufacturers privileges and damages to the Russian manufacturer, forced repeatedly, at every stage of the circulation of medicines to certify the products. Source: Lenta.Ru.

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