Barren marriage of marijuana with sperm

Barren marriage of marijuana with spermThose who dabbles marijuana, do not consider themselves addicts. Drawn and moving on to stronger drugs, become their slaves really not all. The use of marijuana in the West is not considered a terrible offense and is not considered as drug addiction. In some countries, it is generally not prohibited. Youth cannabis use is not considered as a sign of a special kind of bravery. Not the worst sin of youth. Maybe not the worst sin, but as it turned out, not so harmless. As for American scientists, the sperm of men who regularly Smoking marijuana, you may lose the ability to fertilize eggs due to premature "combustion". The results of studies conducted in the Medical school of the University of Buffalo showed that such sperm moves to the egg too quickly and reaches its prematurely. In addition, fans of marijuana total number of sperm is significantly lower than in men who do not use cannabis. A similar study was conducted for the first time. Project Manager Lani Berkman noted that earlier it was not clear how marijuana affects the flow of sperm. Now scientists believe that all the matter in the active component of marijuana, known as tetrahydrocannabinol, which increases the mental activity that, in fact, causing the rise of vivacity and good mood among fans of "grass". This component of marijuana stimulates sperm, resulting in a "temporary failure". Preventing fertilization ingredient accumulates in the fat layer of the body and remains there for a very long time, so that the negative consequences of the use of marijuana are felt and after abandonment.

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