FishPisces (20 February-20 March) The influence of the feet, body fluids, abdominal area, the pineal gland and the lymph system. Disease - damage to the big toe, gout, tumors, fungal infections. The requirement is food containing iron phosphate. Mineral - organic iodine. Vitamins E, D, C. Plants - moss, borage pharmacy, seaweed. To include in the diet - cucumbers, beans, beef liver, almonds. You should develop willpower, realistic approach to life. You should avoid alcohol, drugs, indulging their weaknesses. Generally, people born in the first two decades of the period of the constellation (20 February-12 March), do not have abundant physical energy, although generally healthy. Born in the third decade (March 12-20) stronger, as influenced by Mars, planet of energy. The health of Fish are more to do with internal emotional state than with exposure to germs and other factors. Even when they look calm and relaxed inside them all bubble from anxiety and gloomy presentiments. This adversely affects their endocrine system, creates the prerequisites of various diseases. Ill, they tend to be pessimistic forecasts. Friends and family who are out of sympathy speak to them about the disease, only worsen the provisions of the cases, despite good intentions. Discussing your symptoms, they are increasingly convinced that's really sick. This thought is subconscious and begins its destructive work: without any real reasons for the patient's condition worsens. If Mars is adversely at the time of birth, Fish in some degree liable to diseases of the duodenum, which is absorbed calcium. Therefore, when there is a calcium deficiency, giving caries that have to be treated from an early age. Lack of calcium in the blood, in addition, adversely affects the nervous system, and the resulting irritation, in turn, creates disorder that threaten health. In General, diseases of Fish are often hidden and difficult to diagnose. Need attentive doctor, carefully examining the patient before you prescribe a medication. Therefore, the family doctor is better than any expert. For Fish characterized by tumors, fungal infections, disorders of the glands, tissue laxity, weakness, and leg edema, conjunctivitis. Accidents usually involve those parts of the body that are affected by this constellation. So you need to be careful of the bruises on her legs and use comfortable shoes with arch supports. You cannot ignore the scratches and cuts on the skin, especially born in the third decade. Not treated in time, the wound can lead to serious infections. Diet. Fish require food, rich in protein, which provides energy for the proper functioning of the body cells, weakening the tendency to retain water in the tissues. It also nourishes the skeletal muscles, helping to keep upright. If the menu at the lack of protein is dominated by fat and sugar, posture immediately begins to deteriorate, bones deformed, abdominal muscles obvious, exerting adverse effects on the stomach and intestines. Digestion is deteriorating, as the intestinal wall is not doing their job to move food undulating movements. To provide the body with the right amount of protein will help lean meats, eggs, fish, cheese, yogurt and nuts. Fish health largely depends on the presence in the blood of a sufficient number of iron phosphate, contributing to the nutrition of the body with oxygen. Deficiency can cause anemia, low blood pressure, depression, diseases of the glands, swelling and a dull throbbing headache. After any such effort may experience shortness of breath. Perhaps a feeling of General fatigue. Fortunately, this salt is present in conventional products, although exiled as a result of thermal processing, especially cooking. Raw need to eat salad, strawberries, radishes, cucumbers, almonds, walnuts and raisins. Very useful spinach, beef liver, beans and lean beef. Women and children, as a rule, largely suffer from iron deficiency, as women lose during menstruation and child-it is needed for growth. Zodiac mineral Fish - organic iodine. The lack of it causes enlargement of the thyroid gland, excessive dryness of the skin and the disorder of thermoregulation. For example, Fish can be cold, when all the heat. Women in menopausal period and girls are especially susceptible to zinc deficiency. The best source of organic iodine - products of the sea and ocean fish. Iodized salt is a poor source, so as to obtain the necessary amount of iodine, you need to eat so much salt that it can bring only harm. Plants, harmonious character, elecampane and seaweed.

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