A barrier method of contraception

A barrier method of contraceptionTo barrier contraceptives include condoms, cervical caps and diaphragms. And caps, and diaphragms, and condoms operate on the same principle - they create a mechanical barrier to sperm and they can't get into the fallopian tube, where fertilization occurs. Condoms are disposable contraceptives. They are quite simple to use, easy to buy at the pharmacy. It is not recommended to buy condoms in questionable places. Be sure when you buy, pay to the expiration date! For a condom he is 5 years. Caps and diaphragms - contraceptives reusable. For the selection and correct use of a cap or diaphragm in a doctor's consultation. In any case, do not use others ' cap or diaphragm! In our time barrier methods, especially condoms, are particularly relevant because of the high risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. If You have more than one partner or You enter into a casual sex - always use a condom!So You not only prevent pregnancy, but oberaitis from diseases. Not all know that sexually transmitted diseases can eventually lead to cancer of the genital organs! Barrier methods are not considered to be effective, but when used with a spermicide, the probability of becoming pregnant are greatly reduced. In addition, spermicides kill pathogens and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases..

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