Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrestSigns of cardiac arrest are: - loss of consciousness; - dilated pupils; - the disappearance of the pulse; - cessation of breathing or sudden convulsive breaths. Help: before the arrival of the ambulance, it's necessary to perform cardiac massage. Children up to 5-7 years massage is done with the right hand portion of the brush closer to the base of the thumb. Children over 7 years of massage performed with both hands folded crosswise over the lower third of the sternum. The patient should be placed on a hard surface and to expose the heart. Help becomes sideways to the left and puts one hand on the lower third of the sternum of the patient. The other hand is superimposed on top of the first. Shoulders should help is on the chest of the patient. Massage is done with a frequency of 60-80 beats per minute energetic and sharp pressure on the sternum so that it is shifted by 3-4 cm to the spine. The heart is compressed between the sternum and the spine, and the blood is squeezed out of the ventricles into the arteries. Massage is considered effective if there is a pulse, respiratory movements, disappears blueness of the skin, constrict dilated pupils. Simultaneously with cardiac massage should do artificial respiration (see "Stop breathing"). If saving two, then 1 breath doing 4 compression of the heart, and if one is 15. Cardiac massage should be continued in case of broken ribs..

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