Birth outside the hospital

Birth outside the hospitalWhat are the most frequent causes of sudden labor? Birth outside of a hospital setting (home, road, etc) are more common in preterm pregnancy or at term pregnancy in nagaragawa women. In these cases, births usually occur rapidly. What are distinguishing signs of preterm labor? As usual, birth begins with the occurrence of regular contractions. When premature birth and birth in nagaragawa women fight from the very beginning have intensified. Against the background of good labor mothers leave the amniotic fluid, that usually indicates a sufficient or complete disclosure of the cervix. Following this, the mother begins to push and soon a child is born and the placenta. As preparations are being made for delivery outside the hospital? If delivery began outside the maternity hospital, the first thing should be solved the question about the possibility of transportation of new mothers in the maternity house, look at the time of labour and delivery mothers before the birth of the child. In the absence of such opportunities should start doing delivery. The mother must supply a cleansing enema, shave pubic hair, wash the genitals boiled with soap and water, change of linen, pre-bed under the sheets clean oilcloth. How is the first stage of labor? Maintaining the first period of physiological childbirth should be waiting. You should watch the development of contractions, fetal heart rate, and promotion prelease part (usually the head). Assessment of generic activities produce on the basis of determining the voltage of the uterus with hands placed flat on the abdomen of the woman. Usually when established good labor contractions follow through 3--5 minutes, lasting on average 40 to 50 seconds. The fetal heart beat is heard in the pauses between contractions. Most often it is clearly listening to the left below the navel. The heart rate ranges from 120 to 140 per minute, the colours of the fetal heart are clear and rhythmic. At the end of the first stage of labor the cervix usually fully revealed, its edges become thin and easily extendable. The head of the fetus is determined pressed to the entrance to the pelvis, saggital suture head of the fetus is in a transverse size of the entrance to the pelvis, left or right (depending on the position of the fetus) is palpated small spring, a large not palpated. In some cases, require extra shipping new mothers in the hospital? If above the entrance to the pelvis is determined by the soft part of the fruit, there is a breech presentation. In childbirth when pelvic presentation the mother should be told to hand the benefits that can perform only obstetrician or an experienced midwife. If above the entrance to the pelvis predlagaemaya part is not defined, and the contours of the uterus close to the transverse oval, it is typical for transverse or oblique position of the fetus. In such situations, the normal delivery path are not possible, the risk of uterine rupture is very high. In all these cases it is necessary to take measures for expedited shipping new mothers in maternity hospital or surgical facility. How is the second stage of labor? The second stage of labor is characterized by the appearance futile. Attempts to promote the head of the fetus through the birth canal. In the second stage of labor should be carefully observe the General condition of patients, the nature of the undertakings, the fetal heart rate and promotion of the head of the fetus through the birth canal. You need to prepare for delivery. For this torso of a woman is placed across the bed, and head - on charge to the bed, the chair, under the pelvis enclose the pillow. Vulva and the perineum is repeatedly washed with warm water and soap, genitals treated with 5 % solution of tincture of iodine, the area of the anus stick gauze cloth. Midwives handles hand at producing vaginal studies (handwashing with soap processing alcohol and iodine). What is the technique of delivery? With the appearance of the genital slit head start manual reception for the protection of the perineum. To do this, midwives rises to the right of the woman, the left hand has above the fold, while trying to move the head towards the perineum. The right hand midwives seeking to reduce tissue vulvar ring from the head. Once the head is hit and does not go back into the vagina in the pauses between attempts, should under the bottom edge of the bosom gently bring suboccipital fossa, which is the so-called point of fixation. Around this point the fetus's head will do the extensor movement. When the fixation point went under the bottom edge of the womb, the mother should stop pushing, and at this time must be very carefully straighten the head, and soft tissue vulvar ring and perineum gently flatten with the head. After the birth of the head of the fetus she turns to the right or left thigh of the mother. At this time, midwives captures the fetus's head with both hands and a woman is asked to potuzhitsja. This contributes to the fixing of the front plocica under the bosom. When this has occurred, it is necessary for the head to slightly lift the fruit up, providing an opportunity to be born back shoulder. After the birth of the rear plocica without any effort born of the front shoulder and the whole fruit. What shall be done after the baby is born? Immediately after birth of the child from his nose and mouth, you should suck out the mucus and amniotic fluid using pre-boiled rubber pear. After the first scream and respiratory movements, treated with alcohol, the umbilical cord and put two sterile ligature at a distance of 2-3 cm from one another. The umbilical cord between the ligatures cut with sterile scissors, the stump of the umbilical cord grease with 5 % tincture of iodine and impose on it a sterile bandage. How is the third stage of labor? Typically, the third stage of labor, during which there is separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus and the birth of the placenta, lasts no more than 30 minutes. In succession, the period of fight (succession of contractions) occur in a few minutes after birth. Together with the advent of contractions of the reproductive tract of the woman is usually shown spotting, which is a Testament to the detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall. Placental detachment accompanied the rise of the fundus of the uterus (above the navel). In the complete separation of the placenta the fundus of the uterus rises even higher, and the uterus due to gravity is deflected to the right or left. At the same time lengthening the visible part of the umbilical cord, which is especially noticeable on the movement of the clip placed on the umbilical cord around the external genitalia.

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