the Schools of the city will provide mercury-free thermometer

the Schools of the city will provide mercury-free thermometerStudents Yekaterinburg arrange "terrorist acts", not to learn. According to Lenin MCSEs in Yekaterinburg, in March in one day reported broken mercury thermometers in two schools N70 and N140. In the first case demercurization spent quite fast, so the next day danger to the health of schoolchildren was not. But in school N140 two "terrorist" acts, which have followed one after the other, in 21 times exceeded the standard mercury vapor in the air. The decision of the Leninsky MCSEs were closed two floors of the school, conducted demercurization. According to the teachers, thermometers, most likely, were defeated by students, and is not the result of negligence of the guys. Apparently, therefore, the children tried at least one day to cancel classes in the whole school. Since such situations may be repeated, sanitary doctors took the decision to support children's educational institutions mercury-free thermometers. In all secondary schools in the area they already have. In the past year and for preschool purchased 300 pieces safe thermometers, but for now it is only 25% of the demand. "Inform-Ecology"".

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