Excessive sweating

Excessive sweatingThe problem permanently wet armpits, wet hands or wet feet disturbs a significant number of people. Psychological discomfort from the appearance of wet spots in the typical places blouses or shirts can escalate into serious psychological problems. All state, accompanied by excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be divided into two large groups. The first is the hyperhidrosis with a known cause, such as thyroid disorders, infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, chlamydia. As soon as the main cause of the illness is resolved, the problem of excessive sweating disappears without a trace itself. The second group presents essential hyperhidrosis, the cause of which no one knows. That he will be paid the main attention in this article. The mechanism of occurrence of hyperhidrosis is known, the only unknown why there is such a reaction. The fact that the human nervous system consists of two systems - the somatic and autonomic. First responsible for any actions: type in the browser url, move the body at the disco, etc., the Second provides invisible to the human consciousness work - monitors the heartbeat, breathing, digestion, and other invisible, but no less important functions. Now, the autonomic nervous system is also involved in the regulation of body temperature. The main mechanism of lowering body temperature is increased heat loss and evaporation from the skin surface. For the last function responsible sweat glands. With essential hyperhidrosis of the autonomic nervous system works in a totally not in the way that it should. So, in response to some excitement, and not to increase the ambient temperature, vegetatio pushes the sweat glands with redoubled force on the surface of the skin appears sweat, which does not have time to evaporate. Naturally, the owner of hyperhidrosis wet clothing care and autonomic nervous system in response to this excitement makes you work sweat glands with three times the power. And closes the pathological range: excitement - pot - excitement. Due to microbes, to the problem of wet hands or armpits attached no less significant problem is the odor. The first line means to control excessive sweating deodorants are. The most effective among them are antiperspirants. They contain aluminium salts (chloride, hydrochloride, sulfate, lactate, acetate), zinc, zirconium, lead, iron, formaldehyde, ethyl alcohol. All these substances inhibit sweating. Antiperspirant deodorant blocks up to 40 percent of the sweat glands, which often eliminates visible signs of problems. Included in the antiperspirant substances inhibit the growth of microbes that his job processing sweat cause odors. If antiperspirants are ineffective and wet clothes invisible, the question arises as to more radical measures. Today, several methods have been proposed in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, which can be divided into two groups acting on the area of excessive sweating and acting on the Central parts of the autonomic nervous system. The simplest surgical solution to the problem is to remove the skin, containing a significant number of sweat glands. It is quite logical that the applicability of this method is limited. Usually the skin excision is used for armpits. Unfortunately, the frequent appearance of unsightly scars in this area can lead to more unpleasant than having hyperhidrosis. Curettage "sweatiest areas" provides skin treatment on the reverse side. The main objective of this method is the elimination of improper influence small branches of the autonomic nerves to the sweat glands. Having lost control, they just stop working. This group of methods of treatment can include topical application of various substances. To reduce sweating of the hands, armpits and feet apply skin treatment weak solutions of formalin, glutaraldehyde, hexachloride aluminum, tannin. Unfortunately, all these funds with long-term use can cause irritation and allergic dermatitis. Besides their effect ends after a short time after application. The original solution is the use of Botox. This drug contains weakened toxin causative agent of botulism, blocking the work of the small nerve endings. Thereby violated the regulation of sweating. Unfortunately, the duration of action of Botox is limited to 3-4 months, after which all returned to their seats. The obvious advantage of this method is the ease and safety of manipulation - with just a few injections, and the result is noticeable. The second group means against excessive sweating include operations on the nervous system. Sympathectomy involves the destruction of vegetative centers regulating the skin and located close to the spine. Today offered several types of sympathectomy: an open or traditional, endoscopic and chemical. The first provides wide access to the sympathetic trunk and its ligation. The second type operation is carried out using special tools introduced into the body through a puncture. Chemical sympathectomy involves the introduction of chemicals with long and thin needles, which are under the control of the x-ray studies. Like any other surgery, sympathectomy has its complications. First, it is damage to the blood vessels and the formation of hematomas.

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