Cosmetics and perfumery spoil sperm

Cosmetics and perfumery spoil spermCosmetics and perfumery spoil sperm A chemical compound that has found wide application in the manufacture of cosmetics, perfumes and plastics, can lead to serious violations of the formation of sperm. American scientists have found that phthalates can cause defects of hereditary information in male germ cells. The study was conducted by experts from Harvard University in one of the Massachusetts clinics for the treatment of infertility. Scientists took a group of 168 men, who was believed to receive the usual "dose" of phthalates through cosmetic and plastic. They all analyses were performed on urine and semen. It was found that the presence of phthalates does not go unnoticed. As said study leader Professor Russ Hauser (Russ Hauser), preliminary results of the study give reason to say that under the influence of phthalates increases the number of DNA damage in sperm. It is not clear how this affects the risk of infertility, the likelihood of miscarriage or birth defects in the child. Last month the American Commission for the study of cosmetics ingredients that exists on the money industry, decided to allow the use of the three compounds belonging to the group of phthalates in the production of cosmetics and perfumes. However, some continue to question the company's decision about the safety of phthalates. There is information about the observations, which registered an increase in the frequency of birth defects in animals under the influence of this group of compounds, however, there is no reliable evidence that a similar pattern is seen in humans. However, in the EU phthalates prohibited, for example, in the manufacture of children's toys. The results of this study appeared in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Source:

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