The Healer Olga Eliseeva

The Healer Olga EliseevaThe Healer Olga Eliseeva The profession of a physician Olga Eliseeva studied in Uzbekistan. There, in Samarkand, she in 1963, graduated with honors from the medical Institute. I. P. Pavlova. After graduation Olga Ivanovna had spent several years in the district hospital. And just at that time in Bukhara region was raided by the epidemic of infectious eye diseases - trachoma. That's where it took the knowledge and the good hands of a young ophthalmologist Eliseeva! This was the first "baptism of fire". As a creative, a seeker, O. I. Eliseeva and currently develops new and new methods of alternative medicine (su-Jok therapy, diagnosis and treatment by R. Voll, massages, bioenergetychna therapy, methods of self-regulation, meditative auto-training), which in combination with the cleansing of the body bring people not only physical health, but also a sense of optimism and confidence in their infinite possibilities for maintaining good health and an active lifestyle for many years..

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