AmberAmber Fossil resin, light yellow, orange, red, brown and even white. Maybe amber was the first gem, which is used by the people of ancient times for the treatment and decorations. It is associated with many legends, where the origin of amber always shrouded in mystery or explained by magic. Amber has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, spleen, heart. Amber mouthpieces significantly reduce the risk of cancer from Smoking, and the famous Polish amber vodka good treats sore throats and colds. Best transparent varieties of amber is used for treatment of angina, headaches, eye and ear ailments. For example, from headaches, you can get very simple: take a polished plate or box of amber and stroking the skin around the painful area in a counterclockwise direction. After 10-15 minutes the pain goes away. For removing negative energy amber should be put on the sore spot. Amber necklace or beads treats thyroid gland, protect against headaches, improves mood and alleviates the impact of abrupt weather changes and the impact of magnetic storms. Amber beads soothe the pain, when young children erupting teeth. Amber clearing the mind and helps to implement the plans into concrete action. His Golden light gives us joy and peace. Amber informs the energy of the navel chakra and promotes the awakening of the Kundalini. Now on sale a lot synthesized amber and fakes, so choose it carefully..

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