China successfully tested a vaccine against HIV

China successfully tested a vaccine against HIVSuccessfully completed in China clinical trials of a vaccine that prevents HIV infection in AIDS. It is reported today, the Xinhua news Agency. The drug was introduced in may, eight carriers of the human immunodeficiency virus. Since then, doctors have not detected a worsening of their condition. Doctors also did not record any side effects of the vaccine. The experiment was conducted in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region in southern China. The vaccine was conducted in 1996. According to scientists, for complete confidence in its reliability should carry out a number of clinical tests. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome was reported in China in 1985. According to official data, currently in China there are 840 thousand of its speakers, 80 thousand of whom have AIDS. However, independent experts believe that the number of HIV carriers in China ranges from 1-1,5 million people. According to UN projections, by 2010 this figure may reach 10 million Remedium.Ru.

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