Blindness will be treated spinach

Blindness will be treated spinachAmerican scientists have reported that begin to develop a new method for treating blindness, based on the use of: substances found in ordinary spinach. It is assumed that they can be used to repair retinal cells capture light and transform it into nerve impulses. As shown by preliminary experiments conducted at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (Tennessee), the pigments contained in spinach, in many respects similar to the photosensitive pigments included in the photoreceptors of the retina. Researchers intend to develop a methodology for their selection of this plant, and then create a drug that can be used in ophthalmology. "Pigments spinach theoretically able to restore vision in people, the sick, for example, pigmentosum by pigmentosa is a disease in which there is a partial degradation of the photoreceptors of the retina and which are not subject to treatment," commented Dr. Alan bird, the representative of the ophthalmic hospital, Moorfields, which, most likely, will take part in these studies. Therefore, create drugs based on them can really be a revolution in ophthalmology.".

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