Neurosurgeon put the Impressionists your diagnosis

Neurosurgeon put the Impressionists your diagnosisAccording to published research, done in the style of impressionism paintings by famous artists could be the result of their poor eyesight, namely, nearsightedness, or myopia, BBC News reports on Friday. According to the Australian neurosurgeon Professor Noel Dan (Dan Noel), there is a possibility that suffering from myopia artists who saw the world the same, found each other on this soil. "They all saw slightly vague, and impressionism, in a sense, is based on this," says the Professor. He believes that myopia in varying degrees, suffered by Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Pissarro, Matisse and Rodin. Vision problems may also explain the commitment of the Impressionists to the frequent use of certain colors, for example red. Myopia is guilty of the softness of the lines, the lack of details, and in preference trembling shades of color in the paintings of many artists, says Dan. "Short-sighted people see something that is close, for example, the canvas, but more distant objects appear to be blurred. Another consequence of myopia - a clearer vision of the red part of the spectrum than the blue," explains Australian neurosurgeon. According to him, there is evidence that Cezanne and Renoir refused to wear glasses. After learning about the theory of Deng, the British art historian Professor John house called it "nonsense". "Artists know exactly why they are doing exactly what they do," - he recalled. The

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