the Parliament of the European Union spoke out against euthanasia

the Parliament of the European Union spoke out against euthanasiaThe parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted a resolution on euthanasia, speaking strongly against intentional termination of someone's life. As noted in the document, the Assembly is concerned that hospitals in some countries practiced euthanasia without compliance or bypassing the official ban on its use, and at a very large scale. PACE offers member countries of the Council of Europe to formulate and to apply the set of rules to aid incurable patients, for a long time are in critical condition. The Assembly called for wider use of supportive symptomatic treatment to alleviate the suffering of the patients, for the creation of appropriate techniques and equipment to care for the terminally ill and the use of specially trained personnel. In addition, the European parliamentarians propose to strengthen measures to prevent suicide among terminally ill. The Assembly intends to seek recognition for each patient the right to receive full information about their condition, the right to immediate acquaintance with the opinion of another independent doctor and the right to refuse the proposed treatment. PACE, recognizing the religious and cultural differences in the countries - members of the Council of Europe, the less recommended to study the experience of the Netherlands and Belgium in the field of euthanasia. Representatives of the Russian delegation during the discussion were totally against the concept of euthanasia. Citing sent to the address of the Council of Europe letter of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II, deputies said that "life is the highest manifestation of the divine will and the people have the right to decide this issue.".

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