Running improves memory

Running improves memoryJogging helps a person to concentrate and improves visual memory. This is the conclusion of German researchers from the University of Ulm. Before 30 volunteers was a task they had to make a 30-minute jog twice a week, and after the races to be a lot of fairly sophisticated tests, including answers to questions, description of things, the analysis of words and images. Having received the first results of the tests, the researchers divided the volunteers into two groups: one continued to run for another 6 weeks, and the other only took tests. Differences in results between the two groups was not large, but clearly revealed that runners make much fewer mistakes. Scientists explain this by the fact that with volunteers was higher concentration, they better remember the information. Researchers can't yet say exactly why this happens, but the psychologist Sanna Strat put forward his theory. In her opinion, physical activity, like Jogging, promotes growth of new cells in the hippocampus and protects existing". Membrana.Ru.

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