Being stupid is dangerous for life

Being stupid is dangerous for lifeThe intellectual level is one of the important factors for the prediction of the upcoming lifetime. If earlier a similar pattern was observed in the elderly, in a new study carried out by the specialists of the Medical College Baylor in Houston, Texas, was able to prove that they are in healthy middle-aged people. To prove it, a team of scientists led by Dr. Valory Pavlik (Valory N. Pavlik) conducted a test of intellectual abilities 11444 men and women aged 48-67 years. They didn't have heart disease, they all suffered heart attacks and strokes and were not taking medications that affect the nervous system. During six years of follow-up from this group died 482 people. It turned out that the evaluation of the implementation of the tests could be used to predict life expectancy. The lower results were, the higher was the chance that people will die during the observation period. This pattern persisted after amendments were made to other risk factors, such as socioeconomic level. Speaking about the results of work on the pages of the latest issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, scientists, however, do not deny that there is a probability that the results were influenced by some unaccounted factors such as nutrition or undiagnosed disease..

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