Treatments for diseases of the ear

Treatments for diseases of the earHow to hold the infusion drops in the ear? Infusion drops in the ear produce a pipette. When gnetaceae pre-clean the ear canal from pus. Drops of warmed up to body temperature, as cold drops may cause dizziness and even vomiting. Patient is placed on its side, the opposite side of the backfilling. Ear pulling in adults backwards and upwards, in children down to straighten the external ear canal. Buried 6-8 adults, children 5-6 drops, finger several times press the tragus to enhance the penetration drops to the eardrum. After putting the patient for another 10-15 minutes remains in the same position on the side. What are the ways to clean the outer ear canal from the pus? Cleaning the external ear canal from the pus is usually dry method using fleece wound on a threaded probe. The ear while pulling backwards and upwards for straightening the ear canal. Cleaning produce carefully, changing the fleece on the probe. You can use the wet cleaning method from pus. To do this, fill a large syringe (100 ml in adults and 20 ml in children) disinfectant (furatsilin, boric acid), pull the ear and wash out the ear canal. After you tilt your head so that has flowed out excess fluid. Then wipe the walls of the ear canal with a cotton swab, wound on the probe and moistened with an alcoholic solution of boric acid. With abundant gnetaceae after washing is introduced into the auditory canal gauze Curundu and change it as impregnation with pus. In some cases it can be used and how to put a warm compress on the ear? For a warm compress, often used in acute inflammation of the middle ear, his complication (mastoiditis), with chronic inflammation of the middle ear, it is necessary to prepare a piece of absorbent fabric (for example, folded in several layers of gauze), dampened with water and wrung out, nepromokaemoy material (compress oilcloth or womanwho paper), poorly conductive heat fabric (flannel, wool or wool and bandage. Put a warm compress in the following way: put on the skin dampened with water and wrung the cloth, it is womanwho paper and wool, and for their size they should surpass the previous layer of material. Compress strengthen on the head with a bandage so that the air under it never took place. Compress reduces the emissivity of the skin, between her and the first layer of wrap produced water vapor having a temperature of the body. Under these conditions, there is a uniform dilation of vessels of the skin, and organs and tissues that lie at a considerable depth from it, resulting in increased metabolism in the tissues absorbed inflammatory infiltrate. How is the introduction of gauze ground beetles water in the ear canal? In the treatment of purulent inflammation of the middle ear is of great importance draining ear using ear gauze Turunc. Ear turunda is a specially folded gauze strip 5-b mm and a length of 5-7 see Enter it into the ear canal as follows: the left hand to straighten the ear canal, ear forceps take turundas, a little away from its end, and under the control of gently hold her the entire depth of the ear canal. If the ear canal is narrow, instead of pads in it enter dry or soaked in antiseptic solution (e.g., furatsilinom) a single layer of gauze ribbon width of about 1 cm and a length of 5-7 see With abundant gnetaceae change ear toround need to make 5-6 times a day, and with a small amount of discharge - 1-2 times. What are the peculiarities of application of the ointment in the ear canal? Ointment used for skin diseases of external ear canal, ear (dermatitis, eczema). Often zinc, yellow mercury, and ointments containing steroid drugs (oksikort, hydrocortisone ointment, sinalar and others). Lubrication of the ear difficulty is not, and the walls of the ear canal smeared with ear probe with screw on it with cotton wool. Ointment on the walls of the ear canal should be applied in a thin layer, it is impossible to fill the ear canal with the ointment, so as not to create obstacles for the outflow discharge. How to hold a blowing powdery substances in the ear? The use of powdered substances must be preceded by the removal of the discharge from the ear (normal ear toilet or washing it). Often boric acid powder, streptocid, sulfadimezina, sometimes with the addition of antibiotics. Powders must be very thin and dry. Blowing their produce special poroshkovduwatel, metal tip before use must be sterilized by boiling, and rubber - wipe with alcohol. In the absence of powders-duates you can pour a little powder into the ear Cup and spray it using any of the rubber cylinder. In doing this, it is necessary to achieve uniform distribution of the powder in a thin layer on the walls of the ear canal, tympanic cavity or post-surgical cavity..

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