Scientists have shown that fatigue is contagious

Scientists have shown that fatigue is contagiousIn recent years, doctors are increasingly talking about chronic fatigue syndrome, which, as research has shown, suffer hundreds of thousands of people. Constant weakness, lethargy and decreased performance turned out to be symptoms of the real disease. And, it turns out that this disease can even be passed from one person to another. As shown by studies conducted by experts from the University of St Etiene (France), responsible for a significant part of the cases of chronic fatigue syndrome is an infection of the human body specific enteroviruses, affecting muscle tissue. When the virus penetrates not only in normal muscle, but also, for example, in the myocardium, which leads to dysfunction of the heart. "The most unpleasant thing in our discovery is that if the chronic fatigue syndrome . viral infection, then it can be passed from one person to another . said Dr. Bruno Pozzetto, the head of this research. . And since almost no one, focustv owaw weakness or feeling sluggish, not talking to the doctor, then he can become a source of infection, infecting their loved ones".

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