"Viagra" contributes to HIV infection

Frequent use Viagra or other drugs for the treatment of impotence may contribute to infection with sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection. This conclusion was made by scientists from the Department of health San Francisco. As shown by their polls, in which participated as people with traditional sexual orientation, and homosexuals (which also often use Viagra or similar products), many of them had to go to the doctor about inflammatory diseases of the genital organs just after they started to use the "Viagra". In addition, doctors have identified at least 10 cases of people using Viagra, HIV-infection, in which the cure contributed to the development of the disease. "At the moment we cannot explain the link between drugs that improve blood circulation in the sexual organs and sexually transmitted diseases, said Dr. darlin Wade, the head of this research. Perhaps the reason lies in the effects of Viagra on mucous membranes and local immunity in the genital organs, perhaps it is the specifics of sexual intercourse under the effect of the drug. But in any case, its existence is not in doubt". Reuters (Russian text KM.RU: Health).

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