Every tenth citizen of Ukraine HIV-infected

Every tenth citizen of Ukraine HIV-infectedEvery tenth citizen of Ukraine HIV-infected By 2010, the number of HIV-infected people in Ukraine will reach almost 600 thousand people. And this is the most optimistic forecast, says the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of social studies, Alexander Yaremenko. By order of the British Council in Ukraine, he said, the Institute has analyzed the socio-economic basis for the spread of this dangerous disease. In the best case every year from AIDS will die on average 43.5 thousand people. When the developments in the worst-case, the number of infected people by 2010 will rise to a million in mortality from human immunodeficiency up to 90 thousand people per year. On 1 November in Ukraine, according to official data, HIV-infected nearly 50 thousand people sick with AIDS more than 3 thousand In "the five" cities, where most patients, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Simferopol and Nikolaev. Research conducted by the Institute showed that actually the carriers of HIV-infection in Ukraine are about 400 thousand people. In the Crimea, where, according to official data, there are 3300 media and 455 AIDS patients, respectively 8-10 times more. Dynamic growth in the number of infected patients and shows that the situation is the worst option. Source: NEWSru.com.

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