the Situation with the spread of SARS continues to deteriorate

 the Situation with the spread of SARS continues to deteriorateIn connection with the epidemic of atypical pneumonia chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has ordered changes in the timing of international business and cultural events with the participation of foreigners who come from countries where cases of atypical pneumonia. As the situation with the distribution of this are not fully understood illness continues to worsen, Onishchenko again urged the citizens not to travel to countries where outbreaks of pneumonia. And at the epicenter of the epidemic in China - atypical pneumonia out of control. The virus rapidly mutates, the number of sick and dead rising. From Beijing report by special correspondent of the First channel Pavel Spirin. Atypical pneumonia came out from under the government's control of China and is rapidly spreading across the country. According to the Ministry of health of the PRC, for the last day here died 5 people. Now along with Hong Kong residents in China for three and a half thousand infected. Alarming statistics - now she looks like a front-line reports. Among those who were infected in these days, most of Beijing residents. The total number of admissions in the Chinese capital amounted to 588 people. Of them every sixth - medic. Many government agencies, the representative of city hall, introduced a partial quarantine. People come to work in turn - for each apartment there was only one employee. The situation is so serious that in the city during the forthcoming may day celebrations were cancelled tours and group excursions. On all forms of public transport have special controllers and mobile ambulances. In addition to the usual medicines, this medicine Cabinet is set to test atypical pneumonia. Doctors Beijing station need only one hour to establish the presence in the body of the deadly virus. Miracle drug called "Eliza". While it is experimental, but already next week, China intends to produce a hundred thousand of such sets in a day. First of all, they arrive at the airports. Authorities still consider them main distribution of the disease and require passengers filled out a Declaration of health - even on domestic flights. Michael, a resident of Moscow: "it is Necessary to apply basic safety measures, there are vitamins, wearing the mask, and there is as lucky". Optimism Russians are not random. Michael flies to Hong Kong, where the situation for some time has stabilized. On the eve of the doctors at this site reported the recovery of 150 patients. The only thing that confuses experts is rapid mutation of the virus. Beijing scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences established: taken recently of the sample differ from those that came here from Hong Kong. It turns out that a different genetic pattern. The first channel.

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