LeechesLeeches are hermaphrodites worms olive green, living in fresh water. On the head the narrow end of the leeches have a suction Cup, the depth of which is a mouth with teeth. What is the purpose of apply leeches? Using cloves leech bites her skin, and then sucks the blood. While leeches secrete hirudin, preventing the clotting of blood. Apply for local krovoisliania and krovoobrasheniya. They are shown with cerebral form of hypertension, 'tnoe conditions, inflammatory processes, diseases of the liver, thrombophlebitis. In some cases, application of leeches is contraindicated? Contraindications to the formulation of leeches are bleeding, anemia, concomitant treatment with anticoagulants, skin diseases, septic and allergic diseases. What storage conditions are leeches? Stored leeches in wide-mouthed glass jars with river water or tap water at room temperature. Chlorinated tap water is detrimental to leeches, pre defend during the day. Change the water daily. Day treatment is suitable movable leeches, shrinking from the touch. Beli on the body leeches have nodules, induration or ulcer, and the body is soft and pokrywka slime - leech useless and should be deleted. How is the preparation for the procedure of setting leeches? To put the leeches prepare sterile tray, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, salt water, glucose solution, test tube, beaker, sterile swabs, wipes, dressings. The skin on the place of registration of the leeches if necessary, shave, wash, wipe it with cotton wool moistened with hot water, wipe. During the procedure the patient should lie. Leeches willing to stick to warm the skin, soaked in sugar water. It is impossible to lubricate the skin scented Soaps, ether or iodine, as in this case, the leech will not stick. Convenient pre-transplant in a separate vessel from the total banks little more leeches than expected for the procedure. How is the production of leeches? Get the leech, it is placed in a test tube or beaker tail end down and bring to the skin, directing the tweezers to place the sucker. After the leech will bite through the skin and will stick in front of her body appear wavelike motion. The tube is removed, and under the leech enclose a piece of gauze or cotton that is not attached to the skin of the posterior sucker (this reduces the activity of sucking). Leech usually lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and she disappears. To activate the "sleeping" leeches along her body, you can spend some time with cotton wool soaked with warm water. Each leech sucks 2-10 ml of blood and still 10-40 ml stands out when bleeding from the site of the bite (6-24 hours). Have fallen leeches killed in formalin solution or ammonia. Tear off the leech because you could injure the skin of the patient and cause significant bleeding. If leeches are imposed not for krovoisliania, and in order after prokusyvanie skin stood out hirudin, after clinging touch the body leeches cotton wool moistened with alcohol or iodine. Leeches are not put on the palms and soles, as the skin in these places too dense and in places where the veins and arteries are close to the surface of the skin or the skin is particularly sensitive. In place of bites place dry sterile dressing (if necessary patients) with a large quantity of cotton. Changing bandages through the day. Wounds-heal in 2-3 days. What are the features performances of leeches in various diseases? Angina and myocardial infarction leeches put on the heart area to the left of the sternum (6-12 units); physiotherapists along strombomonas Vienna staggered by 1 cm to the right and to the left of it (6 to 12 pieces); hypertension and thrombosis of cerebral vessels on the mastoid processes on a vertical line, stepping to 1 cm from the ear (4 - 6 pieces), eye diseases - temporal region at the level of the palpebral fissure (1-2 pieces); when hemorrhoids on the coccyx area and around the anus (6-8 pieces); the stagnation of the liver in the right upper quadrant along costal margin (8-12 pieces). What are the responsibilities of nurses during the formulation of leeches? Nurse during the procedure monitors the condition of the patient, and that leeches do not spread. It is not recommended to show the patient leeches before the procedure, as this often causes discomfort. It is also necessary to monitor the pulse and blood pressure of the patient. Monitor patients after removal of leeches until crust formation on the place sucking leeches. What complications can occur after the procedure? Patients may experience some itching and suppuration by contamination of wounds; bleeding at the wrong site selection overlay over the vessel (leech percusive vessel). If after 2-3 days after setting leeches wounds from the bites are still bleeding, you can burn the crystals of potassium permanganate..

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