Papaya against SARS

Papaya against SARSDr. Louis Montagner, President founded in Paris the International Fund to fight AIDS and its prevention, appealed to his fellow physicians around the world with the proposal to use to prevent SARS extract of papaya. As a result of the studies, French scientists were able to establish that this tool is quite effective when it comes to the prevention of sods (severe acute respiratory syndrome). Meanwhile, Montagner noticed that, in his opinion, it will be years before there doctors will be the treatment of patients with atypical pneumonia. "The AIDS virus was discovered in 1983, but it was only in 1995 we found a number of drugs that can actually improve the condition of patients," said Montignac. However, he spoke a little more optimistic about the vaccine of sods v according to him, it will appear in the clinics faster than anticentromere" drugs. РњIGNews.

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