Junket at the edge of the

Junket at the edge of theJunket at the edge of the *162r*In nice Sunny day to take a walk on the nature of food, drinks, a crowd of relatives, friends and, of course, children. In the civilized world such an event is called a picnic. What, in fact, associations do we have a picnic? The aesthetes, surely, is a painting of Edouard Manet's "luncheon on the grass", or even English lawn, tartan plaid, baskets of food, girls in white dresses playing rounders... the common people - the nearest suburban grove with questionable purity of the water, smoked BBQ and music blasting from the speakers "Lada"? The first is unattainable, and the second went and unaesthetic. How to make the picnic a fun holiday that he remembered not only for adults but also for children? The success of the event, first of all, depends on the time, weather and venue. Now, on the horizon You have free weekend looming, the car on the go, the weather promises to be warm and Sunny. You can, of course, to go in the suburban area, if you are not tired. And if you are bored and want something wild and unknown, talk with your friends: surely they have to take the remote from landfills and plants of the forest glade. The chosen place, the day scheduled. Now you need to consider the issue of clothing for herself and the child, to prepare the dishes, some minimal furniture and, of course, food. Clothing should be comfortable. If your baby is still very tiny, along with a special portable wheelchair remember to bring for him a set of diapers, blankets and bottle feeding. For older kids fit, loved by kids, unitard in which children will be convenient. In the trunk of a car will easily fit a set of easy folding furniture, made of thin wood and steel. Very few places will take a folding serving table on wheels - good support for al fresco dining. It is suitable foldable plastic or wooden tabletochki and chairs. Without sets of disposable tableware picnic simply not enough. Fortunately, the choice is vast and in any supermarket You will find everything from napkins to forks and glasses. "Natural feast" will be relevant, by the way, reusable and paper tablecloths. You have a big company with small children, and you decided to go by car? Fine. Then you don't have to worry about portable wheelchairs and special chairs for children. All this can easily substitute a special baby car seat with straps. Seat can be removed from the machine and used as a children's lounger. "Kangaroo" You will need if You are going to walk along the edge of the spring, enjoying together with your baby the first flowers and birch catkins. We painted a rosy picture of a car picnic. And if your "iron horse" is not in the form, or You haven't managed to get hold of their own means of transportation? Well, Hiking is much more useful for health. So, your rucksack and - forward, in the near future, a quiet and green place. The kid is already loaded in the stroller. Finally, You come to the place, looked around, settled down, built a fire, set the grill or grill. Well, about safety and waste disposal, will not speak about this for a long time says it all. And that's delicious and safe for young children food talk is. Try this time to refrain from banal barbecue - at least for tender children's stomach. Worse than, for example, marinated chicken Breasts or tiny sausages on skewers with vegetables? And romantic, baked potatoes can in haste to prepare potato salad with herbs and vegetables, flavored it with tomatoes and sour cream. During the picnic is better to abstain from strong drink: at least out of respect for the kids. Ideal homemade compotes, previously flooded in plastic bottles, and natural juices. In any case, do not use! when the fire with flammable liquids. Before starting to cook on the grill, make sure you burned the wood (best birch). They have to burn through to the PA surface coal appeared white bloom. The bars should be lubricated with vegetable oil, otherwise the meat will stick. You can put on the grill with aluminum foil. Potatoes, too, it is better to bake in foil - it's more hygienic, and the peel will be easier to clean. *163r*After a hearty lunch, most likely, You and the kids will pull in a dream. There is nothing wrong to take a NAP in a hammock under a warm blanket. Kids can sleep in a well ventilated vehicles. After a light sleep, you can eat a couple of some fruits, drink tea with toasted bread. Then arrange an impromptu football, at the gates of the two pines put dad (let them warm up), giving kids the opportunity to feel noble players. Of active play will suit the hide, ping-pong, "brook", in General, dig in childhood memories, and You bring kids to the delight of previously unknown to them games. Source:Children.Ru.

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