medical examination returns

medical examination returnsAt the next plenary session, which will take place on Wednesday, the state Duma will consider in the second reading the draft law "On the budget of social insurance Fund for 2006. In revising the document, the parliamentary majority has made a substantial increase of current income and expenditures of this Fund - 26.8 billion and 27.5 billion, respectively. In addition, the document provides for the establishment of two new social programs - screening of the working population and the introduction of a "birth certificate". As explained Стране.Ru the Chairman of the permanent Committee of the Duma Deputy Andrei Isayev, the implementation of two new social programs would cost about $ 17.5 billion rubles "stock of money". "First of all, we are talking about the clinical examination of the working population, for these purposes will be spent over 9 billion rubles", - said the head of the Committee. According to him, a survey for the presence of chronic diseases will be stretched to two or three years. It is not excluded that from the 2007 public sector workers, past medical examinations, will receive as part of the package of fifty percent discount for medications. A significant portion of the funds will also be allocated and to pay the so-called "specialists" in the clinics. "For the medical examinations by such physicians as, for example, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, urologists will receive an additional boost," he assured Isaev. In addition, the Fund introduced the so-called "birth certificate". "Woman, registered in the early stages of pregnancy, receives a certificate, which enables them how to pay off medical institutions for the rendered services," explained the essence of innovation is the head of the Committee. Thus the possessor of such document will be able to choose any institution obstetrics. "And if the birth there will be taken safely for a woman respective institution will receive 5 thousand rubles", - said the Deputy. It is assumed that this money will be spent on salaries of doctors and nurses. All programs will begin in January 2006. Страна.Ru.

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