In Russia, every sixth woman can not have children

In Russia, every sixth woman can not have childrenIn Russia, the maternal mortality rate 3 times higher than in any of the countries of the West. And only one in ten women of childbearing age can be considered completely healthy. The state does not allocate the necessary funds for the development of programmes to improve the demographic situation. These findings were announced by scientists at a press conference dedicated to the world population day. Another important issue that attracts the attention of the public, doctors, infertility. Today in Russia every sixth woman for one reason or another can't have children. All in all, these women are about 6 million. When this has been created in Russia not more than one hundred centers where they can get help. In most cases, each family must pay at least 5 thousand dollars for the opportunity to have a child. Therefore, as noted by the Director of the Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and Pediatrics RAMS Vladimir Kulakov, in the field of gynecology, the issue of financing is the most acute. To solve problems of infertility in Russia today has approximately 100 billion rubles a year, in reality, is not more than 10 million. The specialists note with alarm the increasing number of babies born with abnormalities and serious chronic diseases. More and more young families lay a baby. Many women give birth for the first time after 30, when the likelihood of complications with the health of the mother and the child increases. Early pregnancies often end in abortion. After about 10% of women become infertile. Abortion is still a major cause of female mortality. "Novye Izvestiya"".

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