Raschlenitel bodies will be sent to jail?

Raschlenitel bodies will be sent to jail?Raschlenitel bodies will be sent to jail? The infamous Professor Gunther van Hagens, which held a public autopsy during his exhibition in London, after the usual conceived was brought to civil liability law enforcement. Two officers from the Metropolitan Policy together with the usual visitors watched the segmentation of the body, after which filed a report about what is happening in Scotland Yard. Even before the event, local authorities warned the Professor about the possible consequences of this action, but despite this procedure took place, together with was filed on Gunther van Hagens. During the autopsy, which was attended by about 350 people, is Professor dismembered the body of 72-year-old German, and pulled out the internal organs, pre-Stripping the skin from the corpse. Despite the interest of the public to all events, Dr. Michael Wilkes of the British Medical Association said a public autopsy immoral and not respectful. One of the students of Imperial College London, who was present at the exhibition, admitted that she is 'ashamed to watch everything going on. During the autopsy Won Hagens not even deign to explain to the audience what he's doing!' Source: ROL.

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