silicon Nanoparticles help to treat cancer

silicon Nanoparticles help to treat cancerAustralian company pSivida has invented a new way to accurately dosed delivery of drugs to cancer. The drug BrachySil is injected into the tumour. It contains a drug that kills cancer cells. However, the most difficult thing in such methods of treatment - the exact dosage and gradually (over many days) release drugs directly into the body. Otherwise, the effect can be the opposite of the desired effect. BrachySil is a complex of highly porous silicon (pore size 10 atoms) nanoparticles. In his long and fits a valid product, and also a certain amount of isotope phosphorus-32 (half-life 14 days). Phosphorus is used to control the decomposition of silicon, in which the tumor and the drug is released. All technology is based on the curious fact that the silicon in the form of particles of nanometer scale, in contrast to larger pieces, fully processed by the human body as well as silicic acid contained in the food. In Singapore, two patients of local hospitals have already begun testing BrachySil, soon they will be joined by another 10 people. Рњembrana.Ru.

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