GarlicIt turns out that fresh raw garlic helps to cope with many microbes, including pathogens herpes, common cold, flu, chicken pox, skin diseases, diseases of the throat, fungi, worms and even cholera. The juice of fresh garlic can be used as an external tool or take it inside (2-3 subika, in powdered form, as an additive to salad, soup, and so on). In addition, garlic stimulates the immune system, helps the body to cope with chronic and acute illnesses. With EOI end, you can take garlic in any form. Garlic also helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood. While doctors have full confidence that in this respect, the drugs are not inferior to fresh garlic. At the same time, despite the undoubted popularity of garlic, some people are contraindicated to use it. About 5% of the population suffers from a disorder of the liver, in which some components of garlic cause nausea. It is logical to assume that, because of its strong antibacterial action he is able to destroy the good flora of the intestine, therefore it is not recommended to eat garlic on an empty stomach. Nostradamus, the great magician, astrologer, alchemist and visionary, was a prominent nutritionist. He gave tips on how to use herbs m food products for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. In his treatise "As garlic keeps the body young" collected information, known to the ancient physicians: garlic brings relief for rheumatism, catarrh of the stomach, constipation, improves blood circulation, helps suffering from a headache. Now that advises Nostradamus: "Carry in your pocket garlic - it will protect you from infection", "garlic refreshes the body and keeps it young eat the garlic cloves before eating". According to Nostradamus, "two drops of garlic juice added to a glass of white wine, encouragement acts and omolajivayuschee". Its recommendations are consistent with recommendations of physicians of ancient Tibet..

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