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Skin care handsSkin care hands Have You ever thought about the fact that the hands of the most industrious and the most vulnerable part of the body? It is hands have to deal with the economy at any time of the year. Every day the skin is exposed to a higher load than the skin of other parts of the body - heat, cold, solar radiation, water, contact with aggressive substances. Because of this, the skin loses it contains natural oils and moisture, disturbed its natural protective shell. The skin is unable to fully perform its protective function. But they say that the hand is determined by the true age of the woman. Do not despair, hand care does not require a lot of time and effort. The main thing is that he was a regular. Cream series "Velvet handles" help the skin to compensate for the damage suffered. Protective cream "Velvet handles" will help to protect the skin of your hands from the adverse effects of the environment, for example, when working in the garden. Nourishing cream and hydrating gel to nourish, soften and moisturize the skin. The combination of high-quality active substances provides a gentle hand care and supports the natural balance of moisture in the skin. These cream gently affect the skin and are highly efficient. Your hands will thank You for the daily use of the cream with gentle massage. Source:.

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