UrethritisURETHRITIS - an inflammatory disease of the wall of the urethra. There are gonorrheal and degeneracy urethritis. The latter can be infectious and noninfectious. Non-infectious urethritis occurs when the damage to the urethra during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (traumatic urethritis), as a reaction to the food and drug allergens (allergic), disorders of metabolism (phosphaturia, oxaluria, diabetes). Congestive urethritis occurs as a result of venous congestion in prostatovesiculitis vascular network. There are front, rear and total urethritis. The symptoms for. Acute urethritis characterized by pain, burning, itching at the start of urination, discharge from the external opening of the urethra. The examination hyperemia and edema of the mucosa in the area of external opening of the urethra, purulent or Muco-purulent discharge, palpation of the posterior wall of the urethra is painful. In the subsequent pain, swelling and tenderness decrease detachable becomes insignificant or terminated. Sometimes detachable observed only in the morning in the form of brown, bonding the outer opening of the urethra, the urine is usually clear with a single purulent threads. In case of persistent urethritis inflammation extends to the rear division of the urethra and the neck of the bladder (total urethritis). Acute total urethritis is characterized by frequent and uncontrollable urge to urinate, pain at the end of it, Peoria, sometimes terminal hematuria. Lack of effective treatment urethritis can acquire chronic: complaints are usually associated with complications and neurotic phenomena. Often it is scanty discharge from the urethra, the number of which increases under the influence of precipitating factors; alcohol consumption, cooling, arousal, etc. Complications: prostatitis, epididymitis. The diagnosis is based on data from the clinic, holding trehstakannoy samples", bacteriology and microscopy discharge from the urethra, and sometimes urethroscopy. Treatment. The choice of drugs depends on the etiology of the disease. Produce flushing of the urethra preservatives (potassium permanganate, silver nitrate, and others) or antibiotics. Effective are the tetracyclines, erythromycin. The forecast is favorable. Prevention: personal hygiene, conducting ShoreTel interventions with strict adherence to aseptic and limitation traumatic manipulations..

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