Oncologists razvenchivaet the myth of sunscreens

Oncologists razvenchivaet the myth of sunscreensNew research, presented at the conference of American oncologists in Anaheim, California, questioned the fundamental medical dogma about the need to protect the skin from the sun's rays sunscreen. It turned out that these creams, on the contrary, increases cancer mortality, not reduce it. The fact that the sun's rays stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D, which prevents lymphoma, and cancers of the prostate, lung, intestines, and even skin cancer. So although a lot of sun and harmful to the skin, lack of sunlight is even more dangerous to humans. According to a study by Professor Edward Giovannucci from Harvard, made a special report to the California conference of oncologists, "sunshine" vitamin D helps prevent 30 deaths, compared with one death from possible skin cancer. Report of the Professor made such an impression on the chief epidemiologist, American Cancer Society Dr. Michael Thun, the Company decided to revise its home recommendations. Professor Giovanucci convinced even some dermatologists, including Dr. Allan Halpern from the new York cancer center. Sloan-Kettering. Now there are more new extensive studies to test the ability of vitamin D to prevent cancer, said at the conference Dr. Peter endeavored to ensure a challenging, head of the prevention Department of the National Institute of cancer. According to him, two recent studies have shown the potential of vitamin D for the treatment of prostate cancer and lung cancer. In the meantime, until the completion of these studies and obtain the final quantitative data, experts still recommend Americans to observe moderation and not overly fried in the sun. Radio "Freedom"".

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