Americans suspect a leak biological weapons in the Volga region

Americans suspect a leak biological weapons in the Volga regionOutbreak of tularemia in the Volga region may be associated with leakage of biological weapons. This version made on the Agency's website RNH News. Journalists of the Agency suggest that the leak infection most likely occurred from the laboratory, which is still engaged in military development. Their assumptions are based on the fact that in the region where there is the outbreak of the disease there are several objects, which in Soviet times was involved in the creation of dangerous bacteria. Note that tularemia is a rare and serious disease, considered as a possible biological weapon. The signs are the lymph nodes, fever and intoxication. You can become infected in a variety of ways. However, the main sources of the pathogen are rodents (water rats, muskrats, rabbits, mice, and more). Also, the infection enters the bloodstream through a small scratch across the water. Bacteria may get into the body of air and dust. Earlier it was reported that the cause of the epidemic began biting insects, particularly flies. Currently, the regional office of civil DEFENSE and emergencies reported that the outbreak in the Volga region localized and is on the decline. All medical care with symptoms of tularemia turned 96 people, including 15 children. RBC,

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